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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Car Seats and Warranties

I was going through my check list today of things that I needed to put on my registry or needed to get. I made sure that I had the infant car seat on my list, and then remembered that I might need one of those head stabalizer things for Nora when she is born, so I went to Chicco's website, and did a search to see what they reccomend, and here is what I found...

    Can I use any additional coverings/products in my Chicco car seat?
    Chicco does not allow use of any accessories, pads, or products not included with the car seat, unless specifically approved by Chicco. Doing so will void the warranty of the Child Restraint.

    Add-on products can interfere with the proper performance of the car seat. It is critical for your child’s safety that add-on products manufactured by other companies not be used without approval from Chicco. The only accessories approved at this time are the Bokoo covers.

    To keep your baby warm and safe when in an infant car seat, Chicco, and child passenger safety experts, recommend putting your child in lightweight, yet warm, clothing with legs (fleece products are great for this). Once the baby is properly buckled in the harness, blankets may be placed over the baby for additional warmth.

I was like I guess I wont be needing/wanting one of those things anymore. I had no clue that using such products could void the warranty of the car seat. I was even thinking about getting some the toys to hand on the carrying bar, but apparently they will void the warranty as well.

Then I got to thinking, what other car seat manufactures do not allow car seat accessories. Below you will find car seat manufactures and what their website says about car seat accessories.

  • Graco: Could not find anything on their website, so an email was sent.

    • No responce recieved as of 8/31/10

  • Safety 1st: Using car seat accessories will void your warranty.
  • Britax: Using car seat accessories will void your warranty.
  • Evenflo:"DO NOT attach additional padding, toys, or other devices not made by Evenflo or described in the car seat instructions to the child restraint. Items not tested with the child restraint can injure the child."
  • Preg Perego: Not found on their website, so an email was sent.

    • No responce recieved as of 8/31/10

  • Baby Trend: Not found on their website, an email was sent.

    • Email response: "I quite do not know what other accessories would be void the warranty for a car seat. The only time we would void a warranty are things like cutting the straps, washing the canopy or seat cover, etc. Things that clearly state in our instruction manual what not to do. Blankets, jackets, toys are fine unless they obstruct the safety features of the car seat or the base"

  • Combi: Not found on their website and no way to email them.
  • Maxi-Cosi: Instruction manual says "Do not substitute parts or try to
    modify the child restraint in any way"
  • Mia Moda: Instruction manual says "DO NOT use accessories or parts other than those provided by Mia Moda. Use of accessories or parts from other manufacturers could alter the performance of the car seat."

So my guess would be that all car seat manufactures feel that adding after market items to the car seat is unsafe, and may even void your warranty.

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