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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Detergents Are Not Created Equal

I have been trying to decide on which detergent to use for Nora's clothes. I have always heard that Dreft is the best, but since I became pregnant I have been doing more research than ever, so why should this be any different. So, I looked it up. Did you know that Dreft does not claim to be hypoallergenic? Also, did you know that Dreft does contain perfumes?? That got me to wondering, what is ok to wash Nora's clothes in?

In my research, I found this wonderful website ( has pretty much every brand of detergent listed that you can think of. First of all I checked Dreft. They rated that detergent with two red stars, which means avoid. Next I checked Purex Free and Clear, which is what we use, and the rating was 3 gold stars. That means it's pretty good.

I now some people will look at that website and say, well that website is for cloth diapers. If you think about it why would you use something for your child's cloths and not their cloth diapers? Both are touching your baby's skin, so why should they be any different.

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