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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tie Dye Tissue Paper

After thinking about what colors to use on the pinata for the party all night, I decided to make tie dye tissue paper to use on it. Only problem was I had no clue how to make the tissue paper tie dye. So, I looked around online and finally find this website... I thought, ok that looks really simple, I will try that.

First off, I could not get my paper to fold like that, so I just folded it how I wanted. I did the fan fold (not even at all) and then the triangles.

Next came the dye. I used red, yellow, and blue food coloring, and dipped each corner into the dye. Then I unfolded. The first attempt is very pretty, but not what I wanted to use on the pinata. So I tried again with more food coloring. Then things got messy. It came to a point where I could not hold a dry corner, so I started to get food coloring on my hands. Now I have food dye on my finger and under my nails. But I also have some really pretty paper to use on the pinata.

If anyone is reading this, and wants to try to make Tie Dye Tissue paper, I would recommend using GLOVES!!

Pictures below are of the pinata and my tie-dye tissue paper.

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