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Friday, October 8, 2010

Hospital Trip

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well, and started having some cramping in my stomach. After a few hours of feeling like this, I finally called Jamie to see to ask her if she thought I should call my doctor or not. She told me that I probably should given the fact that I have been having issues already.

So when I called they told me that my normal doctor wasn't on call, and since I was calling after hours they would have a doctor call me back. When the doc called be back he said that the only way they could evaluate me was if I went into labor and delivery at the hospital and had them check me. I was thinking great now how am I going to get there, since I am not supposed to drive and Michael was not here. So I called my mom who said that she would come out here.

When I got to the hospital, Michael was there waiting on us. I was very glad to see him. We went up to the second floor, and they took me back to the labor and delivery triage. Of course I showed up during shift change and it took them about an hour to come and actually hook me up to the monitors and check me out.

Nora's heart rate was fine and in the 140's, and I wasn't having any contractions. They started to check out other things. They checked my urine and my cervix. My cervix was fine, just really soft but not dilated. My urine however, had bacteria in it. They said that could be why my stomach felt strange and hurt.

So after 3 hours on a very on uncomfortable bed, I got to go home. They gave me some medication for my UTI, and told me to drink a lot of water. I was just glad to be going home.

Michael had to go back to work, but I was hungry, so Momma and Linda said that they would take me to get something to eat. So I went to Cracker Barrel in my pajama pants that have moose on them. Then Linda took me home.

I was glad to get home, and Evie was very happy to see me.


  1. Excuse me I am not mention any where... I went too and was there too. Thank you that is all

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