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Friday, October 19, 2012

Toddler Approved Apps: Part 3

Since my last toddler approved apps post, I decided to change some of the apps that Nora was using.  The ones I deleted had a ton of ads, and she kept clicking on them, which just made her really mad.  As you can see to the left, things have changed a little bit.

Our next app that we are talking about is the Animal Sounds app.

The App Store says this about the Animal Sounds app. "Babies are encouraged to learn animals and the sounds animals make through interaction with engaging animations and sound effects!  Baby can tap, tilt or shake to set a learning world in motion!  Designed for babies 6 mos. & up.


  • Tap, tilt or shake the screen to interact with the animals.  They'll giggle or slide across the screen to delight baby!
  • Music Time!: Once baby has learned new animal sounds, it's time to dance with two sung songs!
  • Teaches animals, animal sounds, first words, and action/reaction."
This has been one of Nora's favorite apps ever since we discovered it.  She knows the songs, and loves to dance along to them.  She has also made up little dances for each animal.  Below you will find some screen shots of the app.  

Disclaimer:  I received no compensation to write this review nor does this review contain any affiliate links.  These words are 100% my own.  I nor my blog is affiliated with any of the above companies in anyway. 

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