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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Latex allergy

I know this really has nothing to do with the topic of this blog, but if it can help someone else who might be searching for pictures or a little more information on a bumpy itchy/painful rash, I'm will be happy I done this post.
A week ago Sunday, Nora came in the living room carrying a bag of balloons that were left over from her party. I did not want her playing with them, so I carefully picked up the bag by the outside plastic, and put them away. I noticed a little later that I had some pin head dots on my index finger, but thought nothing of it.
By Monday, the pin head dots had turned into bumps and were very very itchy. It wasn't red or anything, so I had no clue what it was.  The first picture is from Monday last week and the second picture is from this Monday.
Last night I decided that no matter what, I needed yo be seen by some sort of a health care provider.  My fingers were swollen, itchy, painful, red, bumpy, and sorta numb. I thought I was going to scratch the skin off my fingers.  I was using cortisone cream and extra strength benadryl itch stopping cream like it was going out of style, and nothing was working.
So around 11am today, off we went to the Minute Clinic. We had to wait for like an hour, but I was determined. Turns out, it was the latex on the package of balloons I picked up. The last pictures I took today after my first dose of prednisone.
As of tonight, the swelling has started going down, and its not constantly itching. It is feels and looks a little bumpy, but nothing like before.  This is the last picture.

Now please note that this is a mild reaction, not a server reaction. This could have been much worse.

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