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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Green Mountain Coffee's Fair Trade Three Continent Blend Coffee #Review

Have you ever heard of "fair trade"?  If you have never heard of it here is what Wikipedia says it is:
Fair trade is an organized social movement that aims to help producers in developing countries to make better trading conditions and promote sustainability. It advocates the payment of a higher price to exporters as well as higher social and environmental standards. It focuses in particular on exports from developing countries to developed countries, most notably handicraftscoffeecocoasugarteabananashoneycottonwine, fresh fruitchocolateflowers, and gold.
 So, basicly, Fair Trade is making sure farmers and other workers get a fair price for the products that they grow or produce.  Which I find to be very important. 

When I heard that October was Fair Trade month (along with Breast Cancer Awareness, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness, and so many more), I really wanted to do a post about something to do with fair trade.  That is why I was super excited when BzzAgent contacted me about doing a review on Green Mountain Coffee's Fair Trade Three Continent Blend Coffee.  

This coffee, is wonderful!  It is so smooth, and full of flavor that I think I may have found my new favorite blend of coffee (sorry Nantucket Blend).  I also love that it comes in K-Cups or as a bagged coffee so that I don't have to worry with the my K-cups if I don't want to.  

You are going to pay a little bit more for this coffee than you will the other brands (about $9-$10 for a 12 oz bag or $16-$17 for 24 k-cups), but in my mind, if you want quality coffee, it is well worth the price.    Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for, and this is a major example of that philosophy. 

Are you wondering how you can get your own Green Mountain Coffee Three Continent Blend yet?  Well, I suggest that you head on on over to, where you can buy the bagged coffee or the k-cups.   

Disclaimer:  Baby Marohn received free samples of the Green Mountain Coffee Three Continent Blend  from  I was in no way paid for my opinion and these words are 100% my own.  The Wikipedia information can be found at  If you have any questions, please use the contact form on the right hand side of your screen.  

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