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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Cosywoggle Review and Giveaway

Did you know that having your child wear a winter coat under their car seat could actually be dangerous?  If you don't believe me, put your child in their car seat with the straps all the way loosened, tighten the harness to where you think it should be, then take your child out of the seat, take their coat off, and then put them back in.  Is the harness now as snug as a hug?  If you answered no, then your child should not be wearing that winter coat in the car seat. Here are some photos of the wrong way...

As you can se the harness is over a bulky winter coat. (She wasn't thrilled about being my model and I had to give her a cookie and let her hold the dino)
Now, I have taken off the winter coat and buckled her back into the car seat.  If I had left her in the coat, and we had been in a car crash, there would have been a good chance that Goose would have been thrown from her car seat.  

So, a few weeks ago when it started getting cold in my part of the USA, I decided to do some research and find a coat that was safe to use in car seats with the harness.  The only one I could find was the Cozywoggle.  

The Cozywoggle is a great little winter coat that unzips on both sides so you can lift the back up and buckle your child in under the coat. Kind of confused?  Well here are you so photos that might help explain it a little better.

When the child gets out of the car seat, just sip back up the sides so that it converts back to a normal winter coat.
The Cozywoggle also comes with a hood, a nice fleece lining, and great pockets.  Here are some more photos for you.

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