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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Smart Mom Jewelry: Teething Bling

When Goose was teething, there is one thing I learned.  Teething babies will chew on anything and everything.  Included in that is jewelry.  I was always petrified that she would break my necklace or bracelet when she was trying to get to it and chew on it, causing a situation where there would be a choking hazard. So, while she was teething, I pretty much stopped wearing jewelry all together.

Recently, I saw some really neat and beautiful mom friendly jewelry.  It's called Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry.  They have different styles of jewelry, but my favorite is their Signature Pendants.

The Signature Pendants come with a donut shaped pendant and on a black silky cord with a breakaway clasp for safety.  The pendants may look like glass, but are actually made from durable and easily cleaned food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone.  They have a soft texture and feel, making sore little gums feel better.  The pendants are 100% non-toxic, waterproof, and heat resistant, too.

If you like something a little more "blingy" then you should check out their beaded line.  They too contain the silicone pendant, but Smart Mom Jewelry went and added some silicone beads to make everything safe for the kiddies and fashionable for moms' to wear.

Smart Mom Jewelry also carries bangles that match the pendants, patterned pendants, shimmer pendants, ring pendants, heart/square/triangle pendants, a sports line of pendants, whimsical pendants, cross shaped pendants (limited editions), Tween bling (which includes scented pendants), and Babe Magnet Ties for dads.

If for some reason you do not like the black silk cord or it breaks, Smart Mom Jewelry even sells replacement cords that comes in sliver, tan, white, and black.  The replacement cords will run you $1.25 + shipping, which is not bad at all.

If you are interested in getting your own Teething bling, check out  The necklaces will run you $15.99-$24.99 + shipping, the bangles are $12.99 + shipping, and the Baby Magnet Ties are $19.99 + shipping.

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