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Friday, January 10, 2014

Glimmer Body Art Review and Giveaway

A few months ago we took Goose to the zoo, and they had a booth set up where you could get your face painted, have temporary tattoos applied, and get this really pretty glitter body art done.  I really liked the glitter body art, and allowed Goose to get one done.  It was cute and lasted almost a week.  She went around telling everyone she had a "cutie mark" (Please see "My Little Pony" for definition).

The body art was cute, but it also costs $10 for a small little butterfly.  So, I, being the type of person I am, got home, I looked up companies who make glitter body art.  Turns out Glimmer Body Art was one of the best rated companies I could find, and they make kits for home use.  It is the exact same stuff you would get with the professional kit, but in a little more manageable size.

The personal sized kits are called Party in a Box.  

There are five different themed boxes in the line of these kits.  
Pop Classic
Princess + Hearts 
Tickled Pink 

Each kit contains:
4 Body Glitter (2.8 g/0.10 oz) 
1 Body Glue (3 ml / 0.10 fl oz) 
12 3"x2" Self Adhesive Stencils 
2 pc. brush set 
Instruction/Care Card

The way Glimmer Body Art is applied, is super simple.  
First, you want to make sure you skin is nice and dry.  (It doesn't hurt to use a little alcohol and clean the area.)
Then you will want to pull off the backing on the stencil you have chosen and apply to the area of the skin you have selected.  (Goose choose her arm) 
Pull off the clear plastic that covers the top of the stencil. 
Apply the Glimmer Body art Glue
Pull off the stencil
Wait for glue to turn clear
Apply glitter
Brush any extra glitter to the center, and then brush off.  

Then you are DONE!

I would personally wait a few minutes for the body art to dry, but it should be completely water proof after that.  Each tattoo lasts for about 7 days, depending on how you car for it (for example; pat dry don't rub).  If you need/want to remove it before it comes off on its on, just just some alcohol and rub rub rub.  

(this is my first video, please excuse my rambling and stuff) 
All in all, I love these!  Glimmer Body Art really hooked me up and gave me a few sets of these, and I used them over Christmas with my sister's kids.  They had a blast, and wanted to put them all on.  I limited them to four each which gave me plenty of practice.  We had so much fun, I plan on having Glimmer Body Art at Goose's birthday party in a few weeks!
If you are interested in getting some of these kits for your self, you can purchase them online here:  If you want to purchase the kits individually, they are $20, but if you want to buy all five kits together that is $100 (prices do not include shipping or tax (if applicable)) 
Glimmer Body Art is also letting me giveaway six prizes.  Five winners will receive a single kit, and one lucky person will receive the grand prize of ALL FIVE KITS!! 


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