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Monday, January 13, 2014

Voilà! Hallah Egg Bread Mixes Review and Giveaway

Challah bread is a traditional Jewish braided bread that is severed on the Sabbath and special holidays.  I, personally, am not Jewish, but I love the way this bread looks and tastes.

I had never tried to make it until Tribes-A-Dozen contacted me about doing a review.  My first thought was, there is no way this is going to turn out, and so I went into this very skeptical.

I opened up the box, and found that each kit comes with a flour mixture and a packet of yeast.  After I opened the box, I decided to read the directions, and I found that a bread maker can be used with these bread kits!!!  Yay, not so hard to make now.

I found that using my bread machine, I didn't need to follow the directions on the back.  I just oiled the whole pan and the paddles on the bottom, then poured the warm water, oil, flour mix, and yeast in.  I then proceed to beat the egg and extra yoke a little before pouring it in.  Then I turned on the bread machine to a quick light crust loaf, and let it do it's thing.

When I made this bread, we were on our way to a Christmas party, I grabbed the loaf out of the machine, and left.  I forgot to take a photo of it.  It was beautiful though.  I didn't do the braided look, but it was perfect still.  I was so pleased.

If you are Jewish, you will happy to know that all three kits are kosher, so you can use them for religious purposes.

Tribes-A-Dozen Hallah Egg Bread mixes can be found in some stores and online.  I looked at my local grocery store, but did not see them.  I did use their store locator, and found that Wal-Mart sells them, but I don't go Wal-Mart, so I cannot personally say that I've seen them there. I have seen them on Amazon though.

Tribes-A-Dozen is also letting me give one person all three mixes.  To enter the giveaway use the form below.

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