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Monday, August 2, 2010

WIC Program

I know some people do not like to talk about having to get government assistance, but I don't care. I believe that the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program is a great opportunity for those who are making less money than they should, and need some help buying food for the household.

Today I went for my first WIC appointment to see if I could get approved. I went in and signed in at 12:30 (my appointment was at 1:00), and we sat down. Apparently, they don't care if you were early or not, because they didn't call my name until 1:00. They took my paper work, looked at an ultrasound picture, and made copies of everything. I was like wow that was easy, then she told me to sit back down, and wait for my named to be called again.

So we waited for about another 30 min, and then went into another room, where they weighed and measured me. Then the nurse lady said sit down, I need to prick your finger. O BOY! So she pricks my finger, puts some of my blood in a little plastic thing, and then into a machine. She said it was to test my iron. She however, didn't know if her band-aids were latex free so she had to give me a HUGE band-aid that I didn't even need. And we still were not done. She gave me more paperwork and took me into another waiting room.

Next, we were taken into an office where a lady went over my paperwork, and asked me a bunch of questions. She also told me about other programs that were offered like the car seat program (that is for first time parents, and you go to a class about carseat safety, and then they give you a free car seat at the end of the class) and the breastfeeding program (gives you information on breastfeeding and helps you buy a new breast pump). She was really nice, and it seemed like she really enjoyed her job in helping parents. She took us into another waiting room where we had to wait for our WIC vouchers.

This lady had or vouchers printed up for the next 3 months and scheduled me for the breastfeeding program. That didn't take too long, but she seemed rushed or something.

It was nice to be able to qualify for a government program, since we are not eligible for any of the other ones out there. This will defiantly help us with buying food, and I plan of taking the car seat and breastfeeding program.

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