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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ultrasound #16

A little about Nora from the visit today.
Dr. Brabson said that she is looking great! They are estimating that she weights right now about 5lbs 9oz, and by birth she will weigh around 8lbs. I am starting bi-weekly appointments next week due to all of the issues that have presented themselves during this pregnancy. Dr. Brabson just wants to make sure that the placenta is doing an adequate job and would like to do an non stress test (NST) as well. I know I have 3 more ultrasounds scheduled right now.

We took a tour of their birthing facility today, and it was really nice. I am really happy that I decided to switch doctors now. If you come to visit us when Nora comes, please call first Michael or me first so you can get the code to the elevator and parking garage.

When converting the video to upload to YouTube, I could not get the true part one to convert or just upload, so we are starting with the true part two. That's why it looks like it starts in an odd place. Be sure to look out for her beautiful face and the pictures of her legs we got.

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