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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

17 Months Gone, Hello 18 Months!

Weight 24.2 lbs (75%)
Height 33" (95%)

We went with Mimi to the aquarium on July 5th. Nora was amazed. I loved seeing the look on her face as she saw all the fish. We got some really good pictures, but I've been slacking and haven't uploaded them anywhere yet.

I went through all Nora's clothes last week and had to put away all the 18 month stuff since it's all pretty much too short now. She is in 24 months now. We are going to have a tall little Nora on our hands.

Potty training has hit a wall. I'm not sure if our trip to Wisconsin messed her up or what, but before the trip she was going like 3 times a day and now I'm lucky if she goes once a day. Not really sure where to go from here. I don't want to push her into using the potty, but then again I know that she can do it. We are in the market for some Flip Trainers at a good price if anyone knows of any new or used please let me know. It doesn't matter what color and all that.

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