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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Toddler Approved Apps Part 1

UPDATE ON APP:  Since I posted this post, the "good" people of Baby First TV decided to make the app where you only get a trial of it for a few months, and then you have to pay for it.  I am currently working on getting Nora used to the PBS app, and seeing how she likes it so I can do a post about it.  I am sorry if you have installed this app and your child loves it like Nora did.

Nora LOVES to play with our phones. 
 In fact, our phones have been a life safer in some situations where Nora needed to be very quite. 

 So we've decided to come up with Nora approved apps. This first post will be about one of several IPhone/IPod apps that Nora enjoys most, and best of all they are FREE!!

We will start with the first app on the list. The Baby First Tv app.

Nora LOVES to watch this app if she is sleepy, and I love to have it when I need her to stay calm for a long period of time. On this app there are twelve different video categories.

Each video category has four videos in it. Like the first one. It is VocabLARRY, which is about a bird that goes around, and when he sees an unfamiliar object he learns what it is called and what it does. The other videos are along the same lines of education or using your imagination to figure something out.

Here is what one of the video categories looks like.

Disclaimer:  I received no compensation to write this review nor does this review contain any affiliate links.  These words are 100% my own.  I nor my blog is affiliated with any of the above companies in anyway. 

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