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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nora turns two

It seems like just yesterday I was holding a tiny little newborn in my arms for the first time.  Michael and I had fought so hard to get to that point, and honestly, I do no remember much about her birth or the two hours afterward. I do remember how much love I felt the first time I saw her.

The past year I've thought a lot about that day. It has kept me sane on the days that Nora thinks she is a tiny baby and "cries" all day long, and the times she has fought tooth and nail for something she wants.

OK enough of the mushy memory lane stuff, here is some of the new stuff she has been doing this year.

She finally started walking at about 15 months. She looks so cute running around everywhere and trying to be independent.

In the past few months, Nora has started talking a TON. And not just the toddler talk, she practices her ABCs and 123s although she some times skips a few. She is still trying to learn what the words mean although some of her favorites work all the time like, snack, cookie, water, juice..

She likes to have her nails painted and it doesn't matter to her if it's two in the morning she still insists on having them done. And she gets really concerned if her hands get dirty even though 99.9999% of the time it is something she did.

Everybody that comments about her talking or recognizing shapes, numbers, or words has a hard time believing that she is so smart at her age. It shouldn't be a surprise though its been a constant battle and even though most people don't feel the same about natural child birth, breast feeding, etc. Its hard to argue otherwise when you look at Nora. We are glad that we inspired some people to go a similar route hopefully every can have a great outcome.

We are very proud of our little daughter.

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