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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Girl Car Seat!

It's official   The "goose" has graduated to her big girl car seat (aka forward facing).  For those who don't know, we decided to do extended rear facing with Goose because it's so much safer.  Five times safer to be exact (  

Friday I noticed that she is now less than an inch below the top of the car seat, so that ment it was time to switch her around.  Saturday, I broke out the owner's manual, and went to work.  I was so afraid that it would be really difficult, but I was amazed by how simple it was.

I drive a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe, so the tether and LATCH hooks were clearly marked.

 (I am aware that the strap is twisted in this photo.  It has since been fixed.)

Then I moved the crotch buckle.  It was a little more difficult, but still only took a few min.  

Next, I moved the shoulder straps, so that they would now be above her shoulder line. 

(I know that the bunny shoulder pads are not the best choose, but they were a quick fix to lost shoulder pads.)

I am really amazed how little time it took to install the car seat.  I thought it would take me an hour, but no it took me all of five min.  Now she is a happy forward facing little girl. 

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