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Monday, October 21, 2013

How to enter a giveaway on Baby Marohn using Giveaway Tools

Since I’ve started doing giveaways on the blog, I thought I should do a little post on how to enter a giveaway.  Right now, I only have Giveaway Tool’s forms on the site, so that is what I am going to talk about today.

When you first come to the giveaway you want to enter. You will be asked to put in your name and email address.  Like in the image below.

Once you enter your email and Name, you have to actually click on “BEGIN”.  I know it is so simple to just hit enter, but for some reason with Giveaway Tools, that just doesn’t work. 

The First option, once you click begin, says to post a comment. Here is a little about that.

First, it says to go to a website and look around for something you like.  When you are done with that you will need to come back to the page you were on, in this case the Crummy Bunny blog post, and then comment there.

When commenting on a post on Baby Marohn, you will need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post.  There are several options for how you can post your comments on my blog.  You can use your Google, LiveJournal, Wordpress, TypePad, AIM, or OpenID information.  I tend to use Google when I am on blogger.

Once you are ready to enter you comment, put it in the box where it says “Enter your comment…”

Then you will need to click the blue “Publish” box.  Your comment will not be published right away on my blog; I prefer to read all comments before they are published due to spam and “trolls”.  BUT don’t worry; I get an email every time someone presses “publish”. 

Once you have clicked publish, come back up to the box on the giveaway from, and enter your name. 

When you are done entering your name, please press the Submit Entry.  If you do not press that, your entry won't be counted.

The next entry in this giveaway asks you to post a Tweet.  You will need to have a twitter account for this entry.  If you don’t have a Twitter account, it is really easy to sign up.  Just to go and sign up. 

For this entry, you will just click on looks like a link to post your tweet. 

You will also see here, that I marked the entry where you will follow me on Twitter.  All you have to do for that one is click on the @babymarohn to follow me on twitter. 

Be sure to click submit entry!

For the Facebook part, it is really simple.  You will just need to click on the like button, like you would for anything else. 

For the “Post a Tweet” entry, you can come back every day and resubmit that entry for extra points. 

As you can see, once you know what you are doing, it really is quite simple.  You just have to make sure you put everything where it belongs, and click submit entry when you are done with the entry. 

If you have any questions, you are welcome to send me an email in the contact form on the right hand side of your screen.

I hope this post helps you all out some.

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