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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Believe I Can Do This, Please Believe in Me Too.

I know some people do not agree with the way that I want the birth of our (mine and Michael's) child to go. All the practicing, exercises, gaining knowledge, and more makes no sense if I do not have a support network. During labor there will be times that I will questions myself. At this point, I usually only have a little ways to go. However, if I do not remain calm and relaxed, this point may happen before I am ready.

Now all that being said, if people keep instilling self doubt into my head, that is how I will go into all this when the time comes.

I have made the decision that if I am panicking or freaking out, that Michael had the right to ask everyone in the room to leave until I get control of myself again. Like wise, if there are any decisions that need to be made and I can not give my consent, Michael has the authority to make what decision is in Nora's and my best interest.

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