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Monday, September 6, 2010

Testimonials About Cloth Diapers

I posted a question on the forum that I am a part of about cloth diapers back at the beginning of August. Below are some of the responses I received about cloth diapers, the person's name and screen name has been kept private. If you have questions for anyone of the people who wrote stuff, please let me know and I will find out which person wrote it and ask if it is ok if you contact them.

    Person 1 wrote:
    "I switched from 'sposies to cloth about a month ago. Let me see if I can answer some of your questions. 1 - no cloth don't leak - we rarely have leaks in the cloth diapers - unless we don't change him often enough. 2 - You will probably want to have around 18-20 on hand - we didn't start until DS was past the newborn stage; so we aren't changing him as frequently as you would a newborn. 3 - We use the liners; but not that frequently - I haven't actually used one when he had a poopie diaper; so I'm not sure how well it would have worked. We use pocket diapers - since DH is changing most of the dipes it just makes more sense for us. We currently have 15 dipes; and I'm planning on getting some more soon - I just need to determine which ones I'd like to get. I didn't go with cloth b/c of the environment; I mainly wanted to go with cloth b/c of the cute factor - the environment was just secondary; plus everything I keep hearing about Pampers makes me angry. I also didn't care for Huggies - it seems like 'sposies are more for function than anything - and I wouldn't want my baby in them for the next several years. Plus, they tend to train earlier if in cloth. I haven't used pre-folds with covers - I just know DH wouldn't do that - pocket seem to work best for our dynamic. I wouldn't stock up on a lot of one kind b/c you just never know what you'll like. Or what will work for your kiddo. and cleaning them is SUPER easy - it really isn't bad at all. You just get a 'wet' bag to toss the diapers in - I have the FuzziBunz bag b/c i like the zipper on the bottom. Every two days you un-zip the bottom of the bag and the dipes just fall into the washer. You start a 'rinse' cycle and rinse out all the poop, etc. Then you run a HOT cycle with an extra rinse. I sometimes run a 2nd hot cycle w/o detergent - just depends on how I feel that night
    Then I toss 'em in the dryer and let them dry. I stuff 'em later whenever I have a few minutes. I would put the covers out in the backyard to dry - but I generally wash them at night. I am currently using regular powder Tide to wash them; but I have some Allen's detergent to use too."

    Person 2 wrote...
    "We're doing cloth. my main reasons are economy and ecology. Not only are disposable diapers a problem because of the volume of diapers but also they don't decompose. As a side I'm also not interested in having my kid exposed to the chemical desiccants in sposies-I'm always surprised when moms who are anti-vac because of the possible chemical exposure yet still use disposables. Anyway, I used to babysit and dealt with cloth then. It's really not that much harder than disposables. And that's using prefolds, if you go for the more expensive modern ones like pocket or all in ones it shouldn't be any more work at all. Other than the laundry that is."

    Person 3 wrote...
    "The cloth are nice and soft and my son has never had a diaper rash. We have the same stash of diapers we both 20 months ago and they are still in great shape..i will be reusing them with my twins. Cloth don't leak unless they are on too long or have a detergent build up. I chose to go with bumgenius just due to all the positive reviews I read on and amazon. (I literally spent hours and hours researching different types) We use flushable liners so we don't have a poo mess in the diapers, but even when we don't use them they always wash clean. For newborn I will use the small sized cloth or the chinese prefold with a liner. When my Ds was a newborn we changed his diaper every 2 hours practically....I would think minimum have 15 diapers and maybe keep some spare disposables in case you didn't keep up with the wash.
    You just have to stay ahead on washing them. If you plan on putting your child in daycare...most commercial daycare centers probably won't be okay with cloth."

    Person 4 wrote...
    "You'd probably spend less on some NB size prefolds and nylon pants that a diaper service - and later nb dipes are GREAT for stuffing pockets or cleaning once you are done diapering. Prowraps makes a great NB cover, too - a little pricier than nylon pants but not too bad. Di-dee or Dy-dee or something like that diaper service in CA has them on line for the best price, or did 2ish years back... They have a gusset and hold newborn poo in really well. (We actually had WORSE issues with blow outs and leaks with disposables with my son, he was a power pooper!) We did prefolds and covers - mostly nylon pull on pants and prowraps - when my son was a baby. CD'ed him through potty training. Tried with my girls but by 9 months I gave up as I was up to my eyeballs in laundry between clothes and dipes and I had a broken dryer to boot - the backlog was killing me!!! If this pregnancy sticks and it's a singleton (as it most likely is, no treatments) I plan to give cd'ing another go... I think I will try some of those bum genuis. I will need to sell off some dipes, though... I have enough prefolds for 2 kids which is actually way too many as, duh, it didn't occur to me you still need to wash when the pail is full, which happens faster with more kids in dipes... luckily prefolds are cheap to start, hold up very well, and tend to resell well! Nylon pull on pants are so thin and comfy, and CHEAP... I liked these because it was easy to get clothes over them. Fitteds and pockets can result in weird bulk. The only downside is they have to come off over the feet for removal, which can be a pain if there are shoes and/or blown out poo."

    Person 5 wrote again...
    "We have some BumGenius - and I want to give you a recomendation... We have only been using them for a very short amount of time and I can quickly see how we'll have trouble with the aplix. I definitely would go with snaps - for a small baby they aren't really necessary as the kiddo won't be pulling open the diaper, but from what I hear it's pretty common when they get bigger We have some FuzziBunz that I really like; and also some Smartipants - I am falling in love with the Smartipants; and definitely going to add more to my stash."

    Person 6 wrote...
    "I've been using Flips since ds's cord fell off (about a week old). He was kind of small, about 6lb 5oz at home so they were/are a little bulky but it's not too bad - DH called him a pear. We start out with just 2 covers, the 6 inserts it came with and then about 15 or so just plain prefolds and it's worked fine. If one cover got messy I just rinsed it out and used the other one. Just this past week I got two other covers - bummis smalls - so 4 total covers. I already like the snaps better since during a change the bummis' velcro can get caught. It's really been easy and we've had no leaks outside the covers. I've just been using Tide Free right now but will probably switch when we're out."

    Person 7 wrote...
    "We use a combination of both. I have 13 Kawaii cloth diapers. We use them during the day at home (which is every day because I stay home). We use disposables at night, when we are out and about, or when I am slacking and don't have laundry done. With 13 diapers, I do laundry every other day. I highly recommend them (they are pocket diapers that fit all sizes). They are super cheap and are basically knockoffs of bumgenius diapers. Cloth doesn't have to be all or nothing... theres no reason that you can't do a combination of both. I just wanted to add, since many ppl on here have mentioned which brands they are going to use, that I recommend checking out the kawaii diapers. I have a friend who uses BumGenius and Fuzzibunz and was impressed with the Kawaii that I showed her. We chose them because the $ was right for us and they get great reviews and are (at least from my understanding) knockoffs of BumGenius. They sell on ebay under the name mayflower_garden and you can get 12 diapers with 24 inserts for $69."

    Person 8 worte...
    "We sort of ended up using cloth diapers by accident. I had mentioned to my grandma with my first daughter that cloth diapers sounded interesting, and she went and sewed me five dozen without telling me. When our daughter was newborn she was small and the diapers were just too ridiculously big on her, so we used disposable newborn diapers for a few weeks. And when we were getting to the point of potty training, it was getting to the point where I had to double up the daytime diapers and triple the nighttime ones and we were still having occasional leaks, (and huge bulky diapered bottoms!) so we used disposables again for the last two months or so while we potty trained. (and besides, it was easier for her to take off disposable diapers herself) In between, we pretty much used cloth exclusively, except for the occasional time when we'd buy a very small package of disposables for a long trip somewhere out of town. I really liked my cloth diapers. We also exclusively breastfed, so between that and cloth diapers, it took care of most of the ongoing cost of a baby. We were not wealthy people and it really helped. I never found washing diapers to be much of a chore... I stayed home with my daughter for three years, and it was never much trouble to just chuck the diaper pail into the wash every three days. I didn't really do anything fancy with the wash... I often added bleach, but that was the extent of the special care. And for our new baby on the way, my grandma has again sewed us cloth diapers. (we had none left... our daughter is nine now and all the diapers have long since been used as rags or otherwise worn out and disposed of) I like my cloth diapers, I did not find them that much more inconvenient, it saved me such an incredible amount of money, and it makes me happy to know that I didn't make a huge disposable diaper mountain in a landfill somewhere. That said, I had no problems using the occasional disposable when it made sense to."

    Person 9 wrote...
    "We've been doing prefolds and covers, and that's worked out great... they do leak every now and then, but WAY less than disposables. We have maybe one poo leak a week, but it never makes it past the cover. I don't think we've ever had poo leak on clothes from using cloth. We used sposies for the first month, and we had a blowout EVERYTIME she pooped, up the back. It was awful. We use BumGenius Organics all-in-ones when we go out because they're just easier for travel, and I love them. We're thinking of switching to them completely, maybe when tax time rolls around and we get a refund. I just wish they came in cuter colors/prints. Prefolds are nice and cheap though. Definitely a bonus As far as extra work, it's not a ton. I'd rather do an extra load of laundry every few days than deal with leaks and the extra cost of buying dipes and wipes. (We use cloth wipes too, also not as much extra work as you would think.)"

    Person 10 wrote...
    "We started the whole CD thing around 6.5 months and I wish I started sooner! We are exclusively FuzziBunz one sized and I LOVE THEM. I use a pul lined bag and the smell isn't too horrible. Usually the problem is the poopy diapers I have left and forgotten on TOP of the pail... oops. I just have the liner in a regular step can and it's not bad. Laundry every three days. I have 16 diapers and we use a disposable at night or if we're going to be away for a long time during the day. My daycare uses the cloth for me. I want to use cloth wipes, but that part throws me off. I don't know why. I suppose its just the logistics of it all. Maybe I'll get brave one day... maybe! I have one Kawaii diaper. I bought it because I heard it was good and the pattern (leopard!) was super cute. I HATED it. It didn't last as long as I had hoped and the legs were weird. I had gDiapers with cloth liners. FAIL. They were just difficult to manage with a crazy squirmer. The WAHM diapers are nice. The ones I had didn't fit my kid's fat thighs though so I gave up on those. Another alternative is the AMP diaper. It's another pocket and comparable in price point to the FB or the BG."

    Person 11 wrote...
    "Just my two cents here...I have a son and I did both cloth and disposable. I have found bumgenius to be phenomenal diapers, and this time around will probably get some more and cut back even more on the disposable."

    Person 12 wrote...
    "I absolutely love cloth... for the short time we had DD in disposables, she got rashes all the time, and blowouts every night. It always went up and out the back, every poo meant a bath and a new outfit :( But once we switched over to cloth, they held in all the explosive newborn poops, and her rashes all but went away! (We still get one every now and then now that she's started solids, but they go away pretty quick) There is a bit of extra laundry, but it's really not that bad. I wash every 2 days, which means there's about 15-20 diapers and 15-20 cloth wipes to put up afterwards, only takes a couple of minutes. It's well worth the extra time compared to the money we'd be spending on disposables."

To help you guys with the abbriviations look at the list below.
  • DD= Darling Daughter
  • DS= Darling Son
  • DH= Darling Husband
  • WAHM= Work At Home Mom
  • CD= Cloth Diapering or Cloth Diapers
  • BF= Breastfed
  • FF= Formula fed

    If there is any more in there that I missed, please just let me know what it is, and I will tell you what it means.

    Please check out for more on cloth diapers.
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