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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crawl Forward Works Just Fine: Nora is 9 Months Old

My baby girl is growing up on me. This month she has got more teeth, started crawling forward, pulling up, and feeding herself. Also, this month was the first time she had been sick. We are so glad that she is doing better, but still very unsure what the rash she had was about.

Since Nora has been able to crawl forward she has been trying to "escape" from her room while we are playing. I had to install a baby gate in the door way to her room. This is a video of her trying to (insert voice of Dory from "Finding Nemo") Escape.

This month she has also learned how to pull the drawers out of her changing table. This is a video of her rearanging her cloth diapers and trying to get in the drawer.

I added some pictures to the web album this week if you want to see the pictures you can view the slide show below or click on this picture of Nora.

We are thanking God every day for a beautiful baby girl.

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